The resilience programmes provide the opportunity for employees to learn how to embrace challenge, sustain their health and wellbeing and to grow. They emerge from difficult situations stronger and with the energy and enthusiasm to meet the next challenge.

People are being asked to do more with less and need to be resilient to survive and thrive in such turbulent and demanding times. The following programmes have been developed to build resilience skills and behaviours.

Personal Resilience

Each and every one of us has the capacity to increase our natural resilience by developing skills that enable us to weather the inevitable storms of life. Resilience has been compared to a muscle – the more you use it the stronger it becomes.

Personal resilience programmes enable individuals to identify what is truly important to them, to gain a sense of perspective, focus and direction. They enhance the ability of individuals to bounce back in the face of life’s many demands and adversities.

Team Resilience

Proactively improves pressure management and team effectiveness by identifying ways of working, understanding the goals and objectives of the team, identifying any barriers to achieving them, then working to creatively identify effective team solutions.

Career Resilience

Jobs for life hardly exist anymore, it’s a life of jobs. This programme increases self awareness and supports personal and professional success. It helps employees to act upon what is within their control and influence, prepares them for any re-defined career paths and changes as well as encouraging self responsibility.


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